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On Sunday we talked about how we receive communication from God.  I think one word that we use to describe that communication is inspiration.  Yesterday I was just listening to the radio and I had a moment of “inspiration,” of “understanding” or “enlightenment” about something that pertained to the world I live in.  It mostly was just an understanding that meant something for me, but I really appreciate being better able to understand things.  What would the world be like if people no longer received “inspiration?”  I think relationships would suffer, medical and technological advances would suffer, quality of life would drastically decrease, etc until we literally would have nothing left.  One could try to argue that inspiration is just an intellectual event, but we all know that our intellects can be flawed.  When is the last time you had a moment of inspiration that left you worse off than before the inspiration, or inspiration that didn’t result in something better than our self?  Possibly we drastically underestimate the role that communication with God influences the world we live in.

Pride -vs- Intelligence

Miracles for today are a little too personal to post, but here is a thought.

It is amazing what stupid, stupid things our pride will make us do.  We were given intelligence, and think that it helps us make good choices, but our intelligence does not seem to be any match for our pride.  Pride seems to win almost every time.  My intelligence, however, does tell me that the only match for my pride would have to be it’s opposite.  I think that would be humility.  So, if my logic still works, humility contributes to intelligent decisions more than our intellect.  Somehow I think that works.  Don’t know if anyone follows that, but think on it for a while and it should make some sense.