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Blessings that come from paying a tithe are sometimes obvious, but more often I believe they are a lot less obvious.  Thanks to Elder Bednar for reminding us of that this last October.  There is no promise that we will not have financial trials, nor escape the worries that come with living in such a cash worshiping society.  The promise is that when we trust in God we will not be left in bondage nor will we be left alone once all is said and done.

My little observation for today is something that I believe is a testimony to that.  Long story short, both my husband and myself had a few unpaid weeks in December.  It was a little unsettling and more than a little tight, but not catastrophic.  We had been able to prepare Christmas early, and just needed to hold on until January.  During that time our dishwasher went out.  It had already been “fixed” five times that year and was completely finished.  I hate doing dishes by hand, and so do my kids, but with no other option and nine people in the home, we did a lot of dishes.  The cool part was that before we were able to get back to work in January and start collecting paychecks, we were still able to replace the dishwasher with absolutely no financial sacrifices on our part.  I love having a dishwasher again.  I know that how we found it, how it was paid for, and the relatively short time we did without were all direct consequences of paying the Lord his portion first.




Cash and Faith

Had some unexpected cash come my way this month.  Always a blessing.  Thanks to the three considerate people who saw the opportunity to make something good happen for me.

I used to struggle with understanding why, if God can bless people with money, good people so often don’t have what they need financially.  I think I have found 3 of many answers:

  1. We do have what we need, just not everything we think we need.
  2. If there were a 1:1 ratio of good deeds to immediate reward, we would never need to learn to live by faith.
  3. So we appreciate it more when we get it.

Here’s a great little miracle in Kenya.




Money in the Mail


Ever wondered about those lists that have people’s names who are owed money?  Someone actually did due diligence to track our family down to tell us that we had a credit with them!  I am more impressed at their integrity, because it was for an overpayment of co-pays – and it can’t be more than $3-$5!  We actually left the area before our son was a year old, and now 12 years later someone tracked us down and let us know about the credit.