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Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Zion National Park in Utah

The Virgin River Narrows The Virgin River Narrows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zion National Park

Zion National Park (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Collared lizard in Zion National Park, Utah

Collared lizard in Zion National Park, Utah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today my daughter is going on a field trip to Zion National Park, in southern Utah.  It is a spectacular and beautiful place to visit.  Very peaceful and full of nature.

There is so much to see, and there is something for everyone.  One person may visit Zions and see a bird haven.  Another may see simply a desert.  Yet another may want to analyze the geology of the area.  Any way you enjoy the view, stop and give thanks to God for the sheer beauty and wonder of it all. For me, there is almost too much to learn in a beautiful place like this.

Here are some fun links to the official site.  Anyone who is homeschooling, or even if you just have time on the weekend to spend with your family, they now have virtual tours, e-hikes, and live webcams.  Even though we live relatively close, I think we will still enjoy some of the more exotic reaches of the park virtually!  Amazing multimedia for an amazing piece of land.


e-hike   (enjoy panaramic 360’s, nature views & sounds, experience advanced climbs, experience a beautiful sunrise, etc. , but don’t leave your seat!)

Tour with a ranger

Live WebcamsEnglish: Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion Nationa...

I Didn’t Kill Anyone Today!


I was very “lucky” today to not kill anyone.  Sounds crazy, but it could have been very bad.  I was heading to the library, in the parking lot actually.  I was simply driving down the lane looking for a parking spot.  Suddenly this nine-ish year old kid appears in the road out of nowhere.  I managed to slam on my brakes and stop before I hit him.  It was close.

He had been running from the park next to the library – full speed, and ran between two closely parked mini-vans and out directly in front of me.  I was looking the other way and must have seen him out of my peripheral vision.  I had just picked a parking spot and was about to step on the gas and pull in.  Fortunately I did see him in time, and I was still going slow.  I think I scared the poor kid to death though.  Stopped dead in his tracks right in the middle of the street once he saw me.  I think he’ll look before he runs into a parking lot again.