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Social Phobias


After 20 years of marriage, I had never heard my mother-in-law sing or play the piano.  I was always told about how talented she was, but she would never perform when people were around.  She blamed it on social phobias.  Last night she both performed numerous pieces for us, and sang a solo!  Never thought I’d see that.  Guess sometimes we just have to wait for the time to be right.



My in-laws are coming to visit today.  My mother-in-law and her new husband.  I just thought I’d share today how happy we are to have him in her life.  She had been alone a rather long time, and had become quite bitter and contentious.  I think empty would be a good word to describe her as well.  Since she re-married she has been a completely different, happier person.  We are all grateful that she has someone now that she allows to make her happy.  I think I’ve already previously covered how a spouse is a miracle in and of itself, it is just so apparent in this case.