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Answered Prayers

Yesterday I saw God work in a very mysterious way.  My middle child needed some help, but he had it in his mind that a specific someone would come and help him in a specific way.  He refused to allow anyone else to help.  His refusal to let other people help has caused some serious problems both for my son and others involved in the activity.  The person that my son wanted to help him was not available, and even if that person suddenly became available, he no longer did that type of work and was not inclined to help anyone else out either.  He had been asked before and could no longer do the work properly.  We had asked before and he had tried before but could not do what needed to be done.      (Vague intentionally.  Sorry.)

Yesterday another activity was coming up and my boy had to get the project done.  The exact person that he had been hoping for stopped by for a visit, unannounced, and found himself at our home while his vehicle was being repaired with nothing to do.  I was a little hesitant to ask for the help because it was so difficult for our visitor.  Instead he just stepped right in and went to work in a way I have not seen him work in years.  It was as if he had never stopped doing that work, and was able to help my boy out and satisfy the desire my middle child had been holding out for.  My boy is very happy, and I don’t know if the visitor was even aware of the impact that his actions had.   The fact that he was able to do the work so well was an obvious miracle, but the timing and the arrival to our home were also miracles.



I am at a rather strange place in my life where I have decided I need all new friends.  Or at least to reconnect with old friends again.  As I look back at my week there were four people who did more to help me this week than any of my “friends” have this entire summer.  Three were old friends who we don’t cross paths as often any more, and one is a person I had only met once before.  I think friendship is something that I have taken for granted too often.  A friend who goes out of their way to see how you are doing is a blessing that can too easily be dismissed.   When we find a good friend who can support and help us, and we can return the favor, I think that qualifies as a miracle.


Pulling things together

Today I am grateful for all the Divine help I have had in readjusting my schedule to accommodate a last minute schedule change.  There have been a few struggles, but many things have fallen into place as well.  I can see how much the Lord wants my daughter to succeed, and has been opening things up for her benefit, funding her schooling, helping with her housing, and making her paths straight.  She is one of my examples of how to live a faithful, righteous life, trusting completely in the Lord.  Right now I’ll just have to trust Him to keep things here safe while I go help her.

Good People

Special thank you today to those who helped us get into our “new to us” vehicle.  It is especially nice to find friends in the automotive industry who helped us get what we needed.  Thanks to Paxman Automotive who gave us a great deal on our new tires to help us come in as close to budget as possible.  They didn’t have to give us an extra discount, but when they saw how close we were to going over budget they threw in an extra special discount, resulting in 4 tires for only  $20 each, to help things come together.  The world runs on good people!

The Mouth of Babes

It never ceases to amaze me how often our children teach us.  My six year old came up to me yesterday (she is rather mature for her age) and let me know she had made a new friend.

She told me she was out walking the dog (she just noticed he needed a walk, so she took care of it), and she ran into one of the neighbors.  These neighbors live across the street and have a work schedule that is quite different than ours, so they aren’t home much when we are.  They are really nice people, but we just don’t know them too well.  She said they had a new teenager living with them, and that they had become instant friends.  Long story short, my six year old initiated a new friendship and opened some doors to get to know our neighbors better!  She even set up another time to get together.  That was something I should really have done, but I just haven’t.  I had spent all day trying to think of someone I could do something nice for, but my daughter just went next door and did what I had not figured out.

My children amaze me.