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Personal Accomplishments

My severely “directionally challenged” daughter was able to drive herself to church and home yesterday.  Sounds everyday simple, but in the context of her personal challenges, it was actually a major accomplishment.

She has spent the last several years with a license, but not driving because of  her difficulties with directions.  It is just difficult to be a safe driver when you have no idea where you are.  Her goal this summer is to re-learn to drive and to work on overcoming this challenge.  Her young adult ward overlaps times with our family ward, so one of our goals is for her to just get herself to and from church independently.  She has been driving many errands with me for the last three weeks, but most of them short trips and close to home.  We actually had to practice with her driving the route to the church several times before she felt ready.  Her trial “solo run” to the high school (2 miles round trip) was a disaster with her getting lost and the trip lasting over half an hour.  At least she and the car were both in one piece.  So yesterday was, I think, the first time ever that she had driven herself that far (about 4 miles round trip.)   And she didn’t even get lost!