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Got a flyer from an old lady who had lost her cat.  She was distraught and was worried she would have no reason to live if she did not find her cat.  While that may be a little extreme, pets are also often overlooked as gifts from God to enhance and supplement our lives.


Our new pet has become a blessing to yet another child.  Our oldest son is supposed to be working on getting in shape, but is having some trouble with the motivation.  He decided he wants to go for a daily run, so we assigned him to walk the dog daily.  That was too much work, so he refused to accept the daily assignment, reserving the right to only walk the dog when he felt like it.  Unfortunately for him, the young dog doesn’t know when he is assigned to walk with him or not.  He has started begging for a walk.  He begs my son, and begs, and begs until my boy gives in.  He then heads off on a good trot and my son is getting his workout if he feels like it or not!

Mourning and Comfort

My 11 year old has a friend that can be a little pesky and annoying at times, but they are friends anyway.  Monday, this friend called to tell my daughter that her dog had just been run over and had died.  (The friend’s dog.)  She was so sad.  The beautiful thing was to see that my daughter knew just what to do.  She went to the kitchen, made her favorite treat, then took the birthday money she had just got, and bought her friend a stuffed dog that would always remind her of the pet.  She then walked the 12 blocks to bring them over and comfort her friend.

Death itself qualifies as a miracle, but the effect that it has on the living can be rather impressive as well.

Places of Peace

Who has a place where they just always feel calm and happy?  Where is it?  I have a friend who is always calm and happy under a tree- any tree.  I have a “new” and unexpected place.  Sitting in my yard, watching my chickens.  Even just feeding them and watching brings an intense calm.  I think it is because they live a simpler, unassuming, unstressed life that is full of food, friends, and knowing they will be taken care of.  We got 3 new hens this week.  There is a little bit of stress and work involved in integrating them to our current flock, but we are so happy to have more “friends” living outside.  Where is your peaceful place?

Sassafras “Sassy”, Nutmeg, & Paparika