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Watched a scouting celebration tonight.  I was reminded that these annoying, immature, silly, wild boys do someday grow up to become men.  I think in our culture it is especially difficult for boys to grow up to become honorable men.  So today, every honorable and decent man is a miracle.  He started from a boy, and somehow became something much more.


Have a Good Friday!

A little busy today.  Tonight I host a gaggle of pre-teen girls.  Wish me luck!

Curious what everyone’s opinions on sleepovers are.  I guess they can be pretty dangerous things, but they can also be quite fun.  My 11 year old and I decided she could host a sleepover for her party.  Invites were sleepover with parental approval (abt 50/50 from the parents), but whoever was still here after 10:30 gets to go to sleep.  We’ll see how that goes.

I have noticed that when I get too busy, distracted, or worried.  I don’t see miracles as easily.  I guess today’s would be that while hubby was realizing he was stood up for an appointment to tune a piano, another call came in and he was able to fit them in that exact time spot.  Things work out.



We just had the busiest spring break ever.  This week will probably just be me trying to catch up with everything that happened.

We spent the first half of the week remodeling.  There are two neighbor boys I have worked with through scouting.  They did their music merit badge with me, and decided they enjoyed it so much they talked their parents into getting them a piano.  They were a little worried when they realized that not only did their parents have to fork out the money for a piano, but also tune and maintain it is well.  We proposed a trade, a few hours of help with painting and remodeling for a piano tune.

These young men (both eagle scouts and still working on their palms) not only came over during their spring break to work for the trade, but they volunteered an extra day and a half without pay just because they saw we needed it.  I mean they worked for the entire day, no complaining, no goofing off, no wishing they could go home early.  Free food didn’t hurt, but they totally went above and beyond, contributing so much to our project.  They are getting the best tune and clean that their piano can handle, a great reference, and work experience for their resume’s.  They could have done so many other things with their spring break, goofed off with friends, played on the computer, slept in, but they chose service!  Lucky for us.  I think that is how the world is supposed to work.

Spring Break

We have an early spring break, in fact, it starts today!  I have been a little worried that it may still be quite cold outside and we will not be able to enjoy anything outdoors.  Fortunately our spring weather arrived yesterday, just in time, and it looks like it is here to stay.  Looks like a beautiful spring break for us!  I think I’ll take the entire break off.  🙂  Enjoy the outdoors.


(Sorry, this was scheduled for the 8th.  Hmmm.)

Trusty Rusty

We took our family on a trip this last weekend.  Finding a reliable vehicle for long road trips that will seat our large family without breaking the bank has been a struggle.  A few months back a generous family member was able to upgrade their vehicle and give us their old clunker, affectionately named “Trusty Rusty.”   Another relative even refers to him as the “Miracle Van.”

He’s not much to look at, and has a lot of mileage under his hood.  We drove him over 500 miles this weekend without a single problem.  I don’t know how, but he gets as good of gas mileage as our economy car of the same age.  It was wonderful to be able to be with family for their important event.



Recording a quick miracle that I couldn’t blog last week due to the holidays.

Went with my daughter on a quick trip to the thrift store to get some shoes while I was on vacation.  Only had about 20 min to find shoes and get back.  My super hard to fit shoes for daughter fit in the first pair that she picked up.  Because we found them so quickly I told her she could pick out a stuffed animal for her cousin.  I had wanted to look for some items for Christmas, but just didn’t feel like I had the time.  The stores back home are so small that I had given up finding things I wanted, and felt blessed to find the shoes.  I knew the odds of finding a Star Wars lightsaber were pretty slim anyway, and didn’t want to wast my time, so I just went and helped look at the stuffed animals.

I have no idea who dropped 5 Star Wars lightsabers in the stuffed animal bin that day, but I will have some very happy campers on Christmas Day!

Our pathetic fish

Foto tirada cunha Nikon E8800

We have an abundance of children around here, and also an abundance of pets for them, but there is one pet that always gets neglected.  The cats are pretty self sufficient, and the chickens are even more so (although we did spend an entire hour this morning fixing up their pen.)  Then there is our fish.

Over the years we have had several goldfish.  Nothing spectacular because they all seem to die.  I guess it is important where you buy your fish from.  Last Walmart fish we got didn’t even last 12 hours.  This guy we have now doesn’t even have a name, but he was bought at a “real” pet store.  He isn’t especially cute, talented, or even well loved.  He doesn’t do anything but float around in a tank.  All his buddies have passed on and down the sewer, but this guy is still here.  Dad feeds him every night because no one else cares to.  We only occasionally remember he is even there, and we neglect the poor water and filter.  We are not fish people.

Here’s my pathetic attempt for today’s miracle.  Mr. No Name fish, with no friends or family is a year and a half old, fat, and as alive as a fish needs to be.  It is amazing how little it takes to sustain his feeble little life.  Can’t even find much of a moral in it.