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Same Wavelengths

Just a funny double coincidence today.  My son has had some issues at school, and we needed to go in and talk with a few of the teachers.  My husband had more time than I did, so he took care of it.  I remembered I forgot to remind him someone else he needed to talk to, so I started a text to remind him.  Before I finished the text, hubby had sent me a text about the same person!  An hour later he still was not home so I decided to call and see if everything was okay.  As I was dialing I received an incoming call from my hubby telling me that everything was taken care of.  Once is a coincidence, twice . . . I think we were on the same wavelength!



January (Photo credit: Deadly Tedly)

Yesterday when we woke up all the kids wanted to do is to see if we got snow.  There had been a 40% chance overnight, but usually it breaks up, and we almost never get snow before January.  I told them they could look, but not to be too disappointed if there was none.  They were so excited, THREE inches of snow!  I was surprised.  I was also excited to find out that the car that had been put into the garage was the one with four brand new tires.  Our town does not even own a snow plow, so we really needed good tires.  We also do not own a single piece of snow equipment, so it was nice to have had the good car in the garage where no scraping was needed.  School started “late” because of poor road conditions, but we were all there safe and on time.


This last week I think every one of my children has surprised me in one way or another.  Most of my surprises were with how much they are growing up and asking for new responsibilities, or admitting they are ready to move forward.

Quick example.  I picked up my second grader from school the first day, and she surprised me by asking if she could walk home by herself this year.  It isn’t a big problem for me to pick her up as I am getting her sister from another school about that time, but this was something she wanted to do herself.  She has walked before, but with older siblings.  She is only 5 blocks away, and there are sufficient crossing guards and she just wanted to do it herself.  It made her happy to be so grown up.

Smiles and Giggles

Student life at BYU


My oldest daughter is halfway through college.  She was fortunate to find a major that she loved immediately, but has struggled with finding exactly what area to specialize in so that she can use her degree in the real world.  She has seriously considered several minors, and started exploration, only to not feel good about anything.


Yesterday we sat down to look at some more options.  After searching through the university catalog, reading through course descriptions, and feeling like she could do pretty much anything, we were ready to decide that maybe she should just pick one and settle.  At the last second we found some small print.  There was one minor that had simply been overlooked because it was listed as a certification program, but on further inspection it included a minor along with the optional professional certification.  As she looked closer at the program, she has already taken several of the classes, and all of the “fun” classes she so carefully fit into her schedule the last two years will count towards her minor and its related certification!  In fact, she has already completed what she will need for the professional certification.  Talk about a real life option!  Even her elective general education classes are related and will be an asset when she enters the workforce.  To put icing on the cake, the final project class she will need has been on her wish list to take since the day she entered college.  I really don’t know how we missed this before.


After two years of stressing out she is all smiles and giggles.  She is so excited and has been smiling all day long.  The Lord has very strange ways of letting us find where we need to be, and I love it when things are opened up and we can recognize them with peace, smiles, and giggles. 🙂




Instant Cure to Tantrums

I’ve spent the entire week dealing with a six-year-old’s temper tantrums on the way in to school.  Yelling, crying, clinging, sobbing, hiding, etc.  Not wanting to go to school.  Teacher interventions, counselor interventions, nothing worked.  She actually loves school and we couldn’t figure out what was up.

Last night Dad came home from an out of town work trip.  He took her to school.  All better.  Tantrums are over.  I think she missed Dad (and Shanna and Andrew) and it was just a little too much.  One thing I could never be is a single mom.