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We took a quick trip down to Las Vegas this last weekend.  On the way there we got a call telling us to be careful because there was a severe thunderstorm in progress, and if we hit the thunderstorm we needed to pull off the road.  I checked the internet, and yes, a severe storm was in progress, with multiple flash floods in effect.  They were set to expire about the time we rolled into town, so we went anyway – and had no problems.  We could see the lightning from the storm most of the way, but all it did was provide some entertainment.

On the way home the next day, we were driving north, and apparently the storm had made its way that direction as well.  As we approached the narrow pass through the mountains we realized that we had caught up with the cell, and just off to our right we could see the cloud just dumping a ton of water to the ground.  We began to worry that we would be caught in the narrow, winding roads just when the rain hit and flash flood conditions while we were in the river valley.  Fortunately, although we could see that portion just beside us, the bulk of the storm passed just to the east of the pass and we got a total of about 10 drops of water!  Phew.  We arrived home to see that the majority of the storm had reached home before us.  We had a wet lawn, a blown down fence, a minor mudslide that took out our dutch oven pit, and the power had gone out, but at least we were not caught in the canyon with that type of downpour!



We are in the middle of a genuine heat wave here.  115 is hot no matter where you are.  Our home is poorly planned and poorly insulated, and basically, anytime we get over 105 the AC has problems.  It is kind of the same idea as when you get in an already hot car it does not cool down right no matter how high you turn down the AC.  Sometimes it just doesn’t work well and we get a little warmer in our home than we would like.  This year we just expected the worst and invested in otter pops.

Anyway, in the midst of this severe heat we have had no problems at all.  It has been working perfectly well, and we are nice and cool. Hooray!