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English: Statue representing Peter, James, and...

English: Statue representing Peter, James, and John conferring the Melchizedek Priesthood to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before Christmas my elementary age kids had a short bout with whatever cold thing they picked up at school.  Not a big deal and they missed very little school.  As soon as school got out Kimber got it again.  This time she was a little sicker and we were worried she would miss Christmas due to being so sick so we called and got her a blessing.  The next day instead of being better her brother was also sick.  By the end of the day it was obvious that it was spreading and we called for more blessings all around.  It ended up being a good thing because a few children were showing signs of coming down with the cold, and two more actually needed blessings for other issues, so we did a round for everyone’s “maintenance and prevention.”  The next morning everyone felt great and no one was sick at all for Christmas.  🙂 I was so glad we received those prevention blessings.


Last week I sloughed work.  I was supposed to teach 7 piano lessons last Wednesday, then I was done for the week.  2 called and asked to move them up to earlier in the week.  A family of 3 had an emergency and had to leave town unexpectedly, then at the last minute another one had to postpone for a week.  That left me with only 1 lesson.  My kids were starting to not feel well, and I really didn’t want to drive across town for just 1 lesson.  I normally would, but last week I just really wanted to be done and focus on my kids.  I cancelled the lesson.  The only odd thing is I had no guilt at all.

This week we found out that our family has had strep throat.  That Wednesday was the day we were most contagious.  I think it was great that I avoided passing it on to so many people, and I know that last student really appreciated not sharing!