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Not Messed Up

Okay, over my 16 or so years of having children in school, a messed up schedule or missing lunch account, overbooked required class, wrong locker combination, or lost registration is almost to be expected at least once at the beginning of school, with at least one child.  We call it a good year if everything is straightened out by the first day of school.

School starts early here (in 6 days) and I think we are good.  My pre-schooler is registered online, and in the classroom and his online account is working.  My 2 elementary kids have their teachers and classrooms and even one of their before school programs set up.  My middle schooler & high schooler have complete and accurate schedules – the first time – didn’t even need to see a counselor this year.  Locker numbers and combinations all work.  Seminary is registered for properly.   School lunches for all of them are in order.  We have bus numbers and bus stop times and locations.  We have even school clothes and backpacks ready.

My 2 college kids have all their classes, and have both met with their counselors.  Transcripts and diplomas are finally where they need to be.  Financial aid appears to be in order.  One child is waiting for 1 overdue textbook in the mail, and the other still needs to sell one back.  Other than that all they need are teacher texts that have to be purchased at the school.  They have a little longer before they start, but they’re still mostly packed.


Classroom (Photo credit: James F Clay)

Even piano lessons appear to be coming together early this year, and working out well.

I’m not sure if it is more amazing that everything went so smoothly, or that it is finished so early, or just that I lived through it all!