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English: Gustav Bauernfeind: The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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We went down to the St. George temple for a Young Womens activity.  During the fireside I kept getting the impression that my son was also at the temple.  I knew that was not the case, and the impression got to be rather distracting since I was there for my daughter, not my son.  I kept having that feeling over and over until finally I realized what it meant.  Earlier in the week I had done a session at the temple and had put his name on the prayer roll.

I think I had previously put names on the prayer roll at the temple thinking that if nothing else a few more people would be praying for them, and that it wouldn’t hurt to try.  I had not realized the amount of protection and power that came with that simple act.  I realized that he was literally being protected because of those prayers, protected from harm as if he were also attending the temple.  No, he was not at the temple, but it was as if a portion of the temple was watching over him.

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Yesterday for church we went to our stake center and watched the broadcast of the Brigham City LDS Temple.  Thanks to the miracle of modern broadcasting, thousands of people joined together to give thanks for this newest temple, and join in praising and thanking God as they joined their voices in praise and in song.  It was incredibly powerful.  The Latter-Day Saints are rightly known as a temple building people, and now have 139 temples scattered across the globe, with more on the way.


One of the speakers reminded us of the early traditions of temple worship, including Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.  I felt almost guilty enjoying the wonderful experience as I remembered my trip to Jerusalem and the temple mount there.  There are so many faithful people who yearn and pray for the day when they are permitted to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  Millions of devout people whose life is made meaningful when they are allowed to touch the wailing wall, and pray for people whose names are on the small slips of paper stuffed into the cracks of the wall.  With so many temples so close to so many Latter Day Saints, we truly take our temple privileges for granted.  It is not like having extra church meeting houses, or a cathedral here or there, these are Houses of the Lord in every sense that Solomon’s was.  Their mere existence qualifies as a major miracle.


I especially enjoyed this dedication having had the opportunity to go through the open house last month.  I’ve included some links you can visit to learn more about this amazing place of worship and covenants.


Official Article


History of Temples (including Solomon’s)





Miracle of the Resurrection

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Christ Mormon

Christ Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

For our 20th anniversary celebration this evening, our 12 year old son suggested that we go to the St. George visitors center and talk about the temple.  Great idea, so we did.

While we were there we listened to some missionaries testify about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ to an exchange student who had never heard of Christ.  I have grown up my entire life knowing of Christ, reading the bible, and believing in a literal resurrection.  It still brought tears to my eyes to hear the elders testify again of Christ.  I realized that this young man they were teaching had never heard about his Savior before.  What a miracle that must have sounded like to him.  So, today’s miracle is simply an acknowledgment of the greatest miracle of all.  That Christ lives, and that he loves us all.



The of , in St. George, Utah, United States Ph...

The of , in St. George, Utah, United States Photo by Ricardo630 Ricardo630 04:43, 9 August 2006 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)