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More weather

We took a quick trip down to Las Vegas this last weekend.  On the way there we got a call telling us to be careful because there was a severe thunderstorm in progress, and if we hit the thunderstorm we needed to pull off the road.  I checked the internet, and yes, a severe storm was in progress, with multiple flash floods in effect.  They were set to expire about the time we rolled into town, so we went anyway – and had no problems.  We could see the lightning from the storm most of the way, but all it did was provide some entertainment.

On the way home the next day, we were driving north, and apparently the storm had made its way that direction as well.  As we approached the narrow pass through the mountains we realized that we had caught up with the cell, and just off to our right we could see the cloud just dumping a ton of water to the ground.  We began to worry that we would be caught in the narrow, winding roads just when the rain hit and flash flood conditions while we were in the river valley.  Fortunately, although we could see that portion just beside us, the bulk of the storm passed just to the east of the pass and we got a total of about 10 drops of water!  Phew.  We arrived home to see that the majority of the storm had reached home before us.  We had a wet lawn, a blown down fence, a minor mudslide that took out our dutch oven pit, and the power had gone out, but at least we were not caught in the canyon with that type of downpour!


Patience Deficiency

Last week I had to travel across the state to pick up my kids from college.  Long story short, a lot of things were just not coming together the way I had tried to plan them.  I spent a significant amount of time, worry and money to get things to all work out in the end.  Eventually everything went very smoothly, and a few things worked out better than I had planned.  I would even call it a wonderful trip.  I’m calling it, directing paths.

On the way home we were listening to a motivational speaker who pointed out that too often we do not understand the consequences of our choices simply because we fail to look far enough into the future.  I think the same holds true with our everyday faith.  If we had the ability to see far enough ahead to understand how things will really work out, we would be much more willing to allow the Lord to direct our daily paths, and much more appreciative of his hand in things.  We may even be grateful for our trials.  Of course that would make the test far too easy, so instead we struggle with lack of vision and serious deficiencies of patience.

Spring Break

We have an early spring break, in fact, it starts today!  I have been a little worried that it may still be quite cold outside and we will not be able to enjoy anything outdoors.  Fortunately our spring weather arrived yesterday, just in time, and it looks like it is here to stay.  Looks like a beautiful spring break for us!  I think I’ll take the entire break off.  🙂  Enjoy the outdoors.


(Sorry, this was scheduled for the 8th.  Hmmm.)

Trusty Rusty

We took our family on a trip this last weekend.  Finding a reliable vehicle for long road trips that will seat our large family without breaking the bank has been a struggle.  A few months back a generous family member was able to upgrade their vehicle and give us their old clunker, affectionately named “Trusty Rusty.”   Another relative even refers to him as the “Miracle Van.”

He’s not much to look at, and has a lot of mileage under his hood.  We drove him over 500 miles this weekend without a single problem.  I don’t know how, but he gets as good of gas mileage as our economy car of the same age.  It was wonderful to be able to be with family for their important event.


Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Zion National Park in Utah

The Virgin River Narrows The Virgin River Narrows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zion National Park

Zion National Park (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Collared lizard in Zion National Park, Utah

Collared lizard in Zion National Park, Utah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today my daughter is going on a field trip to Zion National Park, in southern Utah.  It is a spectacular and beautiful place to visit.  Very peaceful and full of nature.

There is so much to see, and there is something for everyone.  One person may visit Zions and see a bird haven.  Another may see simply a desert.  Yet another may want to analyze the geology of the area.  Any way you enjoy the view, stop and give thanks to God for the sheer beauty and wonder of it all. For me, there is almost too much to learn in a beautiful place like this.

Here are some fun links to the official site.  Anyone who is homeschooling, or even if you just have time on the weekend to spend with your family, they now have virtual tours, e-hikes, and live webcams.  Even though we live relatively close, I think we will still enjoy some of the more exotic reaches of the park virtually!  Amazing multimedia for an amazing piece of land.


e-hike   (enjoy panaramic 360’s, nature views & sounds, experience advanced climbs, experience a beautiful sunrise, etc. , but don’t leave your seat!)

Tour with a ranger

Live WebcamsEnglish: Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion Nationa...

A Temple


English: Religious Jews prey in the Western Wa...




Yesterday for church we went to our stake center and watched the broadcast of the Brigham City LDS Temple.  Thanks to the miracle of modern broadcasting, thousands of people joined together to give thanks for this newest temple, and join in praising and thanking God as they joined their voices in praise and in song.  It was incredibly powerful.  The Latter-Day Saints are rightly known as a temple building people, and now have 139 temples scattered across the globe, with more on the way.


One of the speakers reminded us of the early traditions of temple worship, including Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.  I felt almost guilty enjoying the wonderful experience as I remembered my trip to Jerusalem and the temple mount there.  There are so many faithful people who yearn and pray for the day when they are permitted to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  Millions of devout people whose life is made meaningful when they are allowed to touch the wailing wall, and pray for people whose names are on the small slips of paper stuffed into the cracks of the wall.  With so many temples so close to so many Latter Day Saints, we truly take our temple privileges for granted.  It is not like having extra church meeting houses, or a cathedral here or there, these are Houses of the Lord in every sense that Solomon’s was.  Their mere existence qualifies as a major miracle.


I especially enjoyed this dedication having had the opportunity to go through the open house last month.  I’ve included some links you can visit to learn more about this amazing place of worship and covenants.


Official Article


History of Temples (including Solomon’s)





Pioneer Trivia

"Pioneers Crossing the Plains of Nebraska...

Today we are celebrating the 24th of July.  Duh – that’s the date.  Actually in Utah it is more like the state day where we celebrate the pioneers who crossed the plains and settled in the Salt Lake Valley.

In honor of their sacrifices and all they went through to settle the new frontier I thought I’d find and share some earth shattering story of hope and faith.  I started reading a few of the journals that were kept on the trail.  Rather than some incredible story, I found a funny, everyday trivia to share.

As these wagon trains crossed the plains, they took inventories of supplies and people. We often ask ourselves what we would take if we had to cross the plains with just a wagon – or worse hand cart only, and needing to account for the weight of everything we took.  What I didn’t realize was that they took their entire household.  I don’t mean just their wives and children, I mean also their cats, dogs, chickens, etc.  One wagon train alone took 81 chickens!  Almost 1 chicken for every two people!  No one bothered to put those in the pictures.

As a “modern” household who has chickens, I have a new appreciation for what it required to take a household full of chickens across the plains!  Wow!  I guess they really wanted those eggs.  I enjoy them, but I’ve never had to look at my small flock for food.  Totally different mindset.  Just a good reminder of the luxuries we enjoy.  Nothing miraculous, just some fun trivia!