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Fundraising Miracle

With my husband’s chronic unemployment and health issues, cash is very tight most of the time.  When telemarketers call, even for good causes, I simply do not have the resources to help out.  Usually I try to just get off the phone as soon as possible.  A few years ago we had a month when things were not quite as tight.  I was able to donate to what sounded like a good cause.  It wasn’t much, but it felt good to be able to help someone else.  It was only once or twice, but I was glad I could do anything.  Since then my name has been on their yearly list, and lets just say some years are better than others.  Today they called again.  I recognized the telemarketing opening, done by the Firefighters of Utah.  Rather than panic because funds are low this month, I listened carefully.  They were raising funds to benefit the U of U Burn Camp for children who have been traumatized by burns.

My daughter will be attending that very burn camp this summer.  The burn camp does amazing things for children whose lives have been so very difficult and painful.  We were highly encouraged to participate because it is such a wonderful experience that will be so very healing for my daughter!  We were so excited to find out that people actually did fundraising so that any patient who wanted to could participate without worry about the cost.

What are the odds that I picked this particular fundraiser years ago to donate to over all the many, many worthy causes out there!