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Gratitude #2

Today I am grateful for metalworking and everyday tools.  It is so simple, and I take it so for granted.

Last week my son did something he was told not to do and ended up with a leg full of splinters from a rotting board.  I am still in the process of pulling well over 100 splinters out of his leg.  I am grateful that I have the medical understanding to prevent infection from the bad wood, and today I am equally grateful that I had easy and immediate access to a needle, tweezers, good lighting and even corrected eyesight.   I have no idea how people lived without even those most basic tools.  Probably many of the smaller splinters would have just festered and who knows what may have happened to his leg, and I would have been powerless to do anything.


Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase


Yesterday I was able to see and talk with my 2 oldest children via Skype.  What a miracle it is that we can talk with them as if they were here, though they are hundreds of miles away.  I can comment on haircuts, work on problems, and just be a part of their lives.  We were even able to group call and all talk together.  So cool.



Information Age

It is so easy to see all the negatives associated with the information age.  I need to remember that there is just as much good out there as well.

My mind has recently been troubled by some poor choices and offensive actions of one of my teens.  I was very angry, and unclear how to fix the problem, as I couldn’t force someone else to change – or more specifically to grow up and find a brain!

Yesterday morning I was doing some research online to prepare my Sunday lesson.  Our church has a huge library of information available (www.lds.org), and I was overwhelmed with the amount of excellent content and advice so readily available.  I finally decided maybe I should look for some advice for my own problems.  Immediately I found the article I needed.

As I read the article, my hurt, my anger, my disappointment, and my confusion all melted away.  I found the peace I needed and the words I needed to hear.  The scriptures tell us to seek and we will find.  I suspect that is more true now than possibly ever before.

Link to parenting article can be found  HERE.

Outgrowing A Trial

English: Symptoms of ADHD described by the lit...

Current theory is that you never “outgrow” or “cure” ADD/ADHD.  That said, it no longer disrupts my son’s life.  His inattentiveness and overwhelming curiosity and energy would get in his way of his grasping academic concepts and completing and turning in homework.  We had even considered holding him back a grade at one point.  We didn’t want to, because everyone agreed that there was a very acute intelligence in that scattered brain of his.  We worked with him, specialists worked with him, we got him one-on-one, but never found a way to get through.

This year he is in 7th grade, and something “clicked.”  Don’t know how or why, but he went from struggling to understand what we even wanted of him, to loving school and learning.  His grades have skyrocketed, and he has even joined MathCounts and a Science Exploration Club.  We have no idea what made the change, and even he can’t explain it himself, but we are all thankful that his hard work has finally paid off.  So much time and energy went into understanding him, but now he has his life back.  Phew!  He will probably never be able to spell, and will always be severely disorganized, he will always be distracted more often than not, but he has somehow learned to compensate to a degree that no longer stops him from doing what he wants, including learn.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Zion National Park in Utah

The Virgin River Narrows The Virgin River Narrows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zion National Park

Zion National Park (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Collared lizard in Zion National Park, Utah

Collared lizard in Zion National Park, Utah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today my daughter is going on a field trip to Zion National Park, in southern Utah.  It is a spectacular and beautiful place to visit.  Very peaceful and full of nature.

There is so much to see, and there is something for everyone.  One person may visit Zions and see a bird haven.  Another may see simply a desert.  Yet another may want to analyze the geology of the area.  Any way you enjoy the view, stop and give thanks to God for the sheer beauty and wonder of it all. For me, there is almost too much to learn in a beautiful place like this.

Here are some fun links to the official site.  Anyone who is homeschooling, or even if you just have time on the weekend to spend with your family, they now have virtual tours, e-hikes, and live webcams.  Even though we live relatively close, I think we will still enjoy some of the more exotic reaches of the park virtually!  Amazing multimedia for an amazing piece of land.


e-hike   (enjoy panaramic 360’s, nature views & sounds, experience advanced climbs, experience a beautiful sunrise, etc. , but don’t leave your seat!)

Tour with a ranger

Live WebcamsEnglish: Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion Nationa...

Get a Job


This news is about a week old, but my husband finally got a part time job.  After looking for an opening he could handle for about 2 years it for sure feels like a miracle.  He had given up looking a long time ago, and this one came open, he decided to apply, and by the next day he was hired. Such a relief.

It looks like a good fit, but it is only part time and doesn’t pay so well.  Right now something is so much better than nothing I need to just focus on being grateful for what we have.  Just saw another three music stores in town close up within the last two months, so I’m feeling for others who are looking as well and others who have given up as well.


Singing in the Rain

I live in a hot and dry desert.  Rain is scarce, and we can go entire months here without any precipitation.  In our sheltered lifestyles with city utilities and running water, I have to admit I rarely even think about rainfall.  I understand that water conservation is important, but I don’t have a vested interest in rain – until it results in flash flooding and messes up my house or property.   I don’t even own an umbrella or boots or a waterproof jacket.

I guess that as a nation we are officially in the middle of a drought.  I’ve even heard some people theorize that ultimately the drought is affecting our economy as much as presidential policies.  Could be, I don’t know.

Someone in my area must be praying mighty hard for rain.  I looked up our average July rainfall.  Overall, we average .48 inches in July.  (I think most of that must fall in the mountains, because I’ve seen entire July’s with NO rainfall.)  This year our July total is at 1.62 inches – and it is still raining!  And in the middle of a drought.

If we lived in a less modern society, I would be thanking God for the miracle of abundant rainfall during the drought.