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The Cold and Chickens

English: Chickens in the snow The chickens hav...

We have had record setting cold this last week or two.  The kids don’t even want to go outside to play.  As the snow slowly melts it is not much better because I have 2 ice cold rivers, and 3-6″ of standing water/ice in the back yard due to drainage issues through the unmelted snow.   Through all of this we have sadly neglected our poor chickens.  They don’t like walking in the snow, and their coop is intentionally drafty to help with ventilation.  They ran out of food, their treats kept freezing, and keeping unfrozen water for them had been neglected as well.  I am simply amazed they are all even alive!

(I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve even wondered if it would be better if some of them did die so the kids would learn they need to do their chores no matter what the weather.)

September Spring

English: River Bladnoch. High water on the Riv...

I went for my walk this morning, but had some extra time so we walked down by the river.  I was excited to see what was going on down there.  The last time I had been there about a month or so ago, it was almost completely dry as it often is during summer.  These last few weeks it has been raining and raining.  I was not disappointed.  Not only was the river full, but all of the plants were thriving and happy.  Even the flowers were out and blooming.  I saw probably 10 different types of wildflowers in full bloom.  It looked like spring had come again.

I think water is one of the many evidences we have that God exists.  The scriptures use much imagery about God and water.  It brings life, it even takes life.  It enables growth, and it is something that no one can live without.  Without going into an entire sermon, I think that all the water around us is one of those many evidences of God’s goodness that is too abundant to ignore.

Travel Guidance

As I was driving around in this nasty heat, my mind went back to a few years ago when we had decided to take a small vacation in July.  We decided to travel to a favorite vacation spot about 2 hours away.  On the way there our car decided to break down.  We had just put a new engine in and should have been good to go, but no.  An hour into the two hour drive through nothing but desert we were stranded on the side of the freeway.  Fortunately we did have some cell phone coverage, and fortunately we also had towing coverage on our vehicle.

That day it was also extremely hot, and with the vehicle dead we could not get the air conditioning going while we were waiting the hour and a half for the tow truck to get out to us.  For some reason, on that particular trip, we couldn’t find our blue ice, so we had decided to bring an ice chest full of cold and frozen water bottles, and several large jugs full of ice.  Definitely overkill for a two hour trip.  We were able to keep everyone relatively cool and hydrated, (including several young children and a nursing infant) and avoid any heat related problems.  I have often looked back on that experience and considered the atypical choice to bring so much frozen water with us a miracle.  It is entirely possible that it may have even saved the life of our young child.  Not only were we fortunate to have the water with us that day, but they were able to tow us all the way to a shop within walking distance of our hotel, and the repair turned out to be rather minor.


Glastonbury 2005 - kid in mud


Maybe another post I’ll go into more thought about the sheer power of waterGrand Canyon, etc.  Today it did a number on my backyard.


Ever added water to dry clay?  That is my backyard.  We’re having trouble growing anything in it, so a section is just dirt.  Yesterday we got some light snow/rain.  (Doesn’t rain much here, snows yearly.)  Now my backyard area is one huge mud puddle.  Over the summer I spent hours trying to re-level it for landscaping preparation, but it was like chiseling bricks.  Now I’ll just run a rake or something over it and it will be good for the summer – if the kids stay off.  I guess a little rain is more powerful than I am.  Should have used water over the summer, but the mess is too much for me.