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Thanks for Safety

Flash flood near tucson az

Today I felt to recognize the countless times I am kept safe, and don’t even recognize it.  It is a dangerous world we live in, and who knows how many times we are protected from all sorts of danger.  Two potential dangers I recognized this week, but was kept safe from.

  1. As I traveled to a student’s home Thursday I realized that to get there I had to drive through an area of town that had 2 days earlier been the site of a broken levy and a flash flood.  Glad I didn’t have Tuesday lessons this week.
  2. Today I was out and about and twice I had to take a detour because the police were blocking off a section of town, and had the police helicopter out – I assume looking for someone.

While there is no such thing as a completely safe area, but we rarely see any natural disasters or police action where we live.  It makes it easier to forget that you never know what will happen or when.  Giving thanks that nothing extraordinary happened this week.