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About a month ago my son started looking for housing in a very tight housing market.  Not many places were even available for what he needed.  What was available was ridiculously expensive.   He finally found a reasonably priced place to live within biking distance from the college.  After checking it out and meeting the roommates, they offered him the room.  He was excited, but did have some concerns.  For the first time in about a year he asked for my advice.  I was opposed simply because it was a small home with all girls in the other rooms.  I told him that if he would just do the right thing for the right reason that a better option would open up for him and he would be glad that he had passed on this one.   He decided to take my advice, but it was almost another month of constant looking before he was offered another contract.  I have no doubt that he regretted his decision more than once.

This last week we helped him move into his own place.  He “beat out” about 30 other students who were also applying for the contract.  He is across the street from his college, and can see his classrooms from his front door.  He has a much, much nicer place.  Once you consider the utilities and amenities that are included in the rent, it is actually less expensive as well.  Throw in the fact that he also has a nice on-site pool, and I think my promise was kept.  Phew!